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The Promises of God A Spiritual Update

All of us have received promises of God, and many of us forget those promises as we continue to live life. We forget the beautiful promises that God has told us, and as a result we live discouraged, sad, and depressed lives. God asks us to continue to believe in His promises; He saws that we will go through trials and tribulations. It is our process that makes the promises of God worth it all. It is my prayer that through this message, God reminds you of things that God has promised you, and to continue to spend time with God and pray to see them being fulfilled. — Send in a voice message:
  1. The Promises of God
  2. Learning to Pray
  3. The Law of Sowing and Reaping
  4. Building Godly Relationships
  5. The Mystery of Tongues

Favorite Worship Artists

In this quarantine season, we have so much time to do many things. It’s important for us to not detract from worshiping God; we must remain passionate and desiring for more of God.

September, the Month of Fullness

September, being the ninth month of the year, is coming to us this year to prophetically declare fullness over whatever circumstance we’re facing.

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