You are Beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

From head to toe
And all the things You’re able to show
Whenever my heart is feeling cold
Your presence always warms my soul

Whenever my heart is in rage
That fire mixed with every hate
Satan’s plan brings out all the rain
But Your presence makes me want to change

You are beautiful

I saw the desert that you walked in
Wishing I could go on that road with you
Your body carried every sin
And still, you looked so beautiful

Whenever I am in need in love
Whenever the stars are about to fall
Whenever I feel I have descended from above
And when I feel I can’t go on;
Whenever the stars stop shining
Whenever my spirit wants to stop fighting
Your presence comes like the mad lightning
You tell me, “Son, more along.”

You are beautiful

Your love covers me
Your love brings me to my feet
Enables me to feel your heart
Your love has brought me to the start

Your presence has brought to me such love
Such love that’s standing out from all
It is implanted on the walls
It makes me cry when I hear Your cry

You are beautiful

How you stood on the cross for us
How you battled lust
How you withstood fall
All of this, just for us
How you overcame
All of the pain
Everyone’s hate
Everyone’s rage
How you did
So many things
To shield us from sin
To make Yourself our king

You are beautiful

No other man
Would’ve done what You did
While holding up Your hands
I feel the urge to walk until the end

Your sacrifice was beautiful
Your love is beautiful
Your presence is beautiful
Your heart is beautiful
Your spirit is beautiful
Your might is beautiful
Your hope is beautiful
But more importantly
You are beautiful

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