A Prayer

I humbly come to you,
Praying for my sons;
Praying for my love.

Keep them protected, wherever they may be.
Open my eyes to everything unseen,
That I may see them in the spiritual realm,
So when I see them for real,
I have a story to tell.

Let me know her when I see her.
So that I know “the one” is her.
Just like I had said in that song,
The one that’s titled anonymous.

Let her never leave from You,
Let her love You with all her heart,
Let her soul eternally long for You,
The way that mines has since the start.

Protect that intercessor in training,
Let me wait here patiently,
Till you decide to reveal her to me;
Till you decide to bring her to me.

I want to take this time with you,
To be praying for my future,
To pray for the fulfillment of my universe.
I seek You as I’m telling You,
Come into my heart and make me renewed,
Don’t let me sound a selfish fool.

Keep my heart in awe and let me stay strong,
Correct my wrongs and make them laws,
So that I place them deep inside my heart,
And be the man she’s prayed for since the start.

Let me walk in the right path,
Until I finally discover her,
Let us both forget our past,
Focus on setting You as our first.

Strengthen my relationship with you,
So I can stand strong as being the head,
Let her arrive to me so soon,
Let us listen to your every command.

Let us not be like the beginning of time,
When men left You to search for wives.
Let us keep you inside our heart and mind,
Always Be the redeemer of my life.

Don’t let my heart become emotional,
Let my heart become devotional,
Always to Your presence and to Your love
Let me forever desire Your love.

Let that person You planned for me,
Recognize it’s me the minute that she reads,
This poem.
Let the person You’ve chosen for me,
Recognize, acknowledge, and believe,
God’s love wrote this poem.

I believe this poem is an answered prayer,
To someone who’s been wanting revelation,
To avoid failure.
Father, be the Savior.
I believe this poem is an answered prayer,
To prevent any foreshadowed failure,
Because right here with us,
Is the Savior.

Don’t let me sound a selfish fool.
Make my mind become renewed,
With the splendid melodies of Your tune.

I recognize my need of You,
Protect my love,
Cover my future sons.

I recognize my daily need of You,
Protect them daily,
The way I seek You daily.
Let us be happy,
When we’ve been through all the trials,
Let our hearts be merry,
Knowing that it was worth the while,
Going the extra mile.

In Jesus’ name.

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