With a Thankful Heart

I come to You with a thankful heart
Well, you brought to me the incentive to restart
I opened up a new chapter of my life,
Closing all the chapters where I cried

In love with an angel was in my writing
But in love with a demon was the reality
I looked for a paradise where girls would love me
When they would break-up, I sought profanity
I asked myself once, what does love really mean?
I remember preaching, she was the only one for me
Well, everyone has regrets, including me
I regret ever calling someone my angelic baby

I really don’t miss girls anymore
I’m not losing my mind over girls anymore
My mind is not contaminated by their abhorrent presence
My mind is now drunk by the luminescence of God’s presence

Yes there were times I asked myself what good is life?
Times where I felt the wind just had to blow
I remember I was begging, while inside I died
Now it’s Jesus, who I search when I’m cold

I come to Him with a thankful love
He gave me motivation for my life to restart
I remember when the ‘angels’ of my life
Were the very girls I dreamt of every night

I remember when the disease trickled inside of me
I couldn’t find the cure or sanity
It diminished my bones, my hands, and feet
I just couldn’t remain in serenity
I never found the cure to the disease
In those chapters I was living in misery
I couldn’t stand the arguing and bickering
But now I opened up the pages to a new beginning

Stars do not remind me of girls anymore
They don’t mean so much to me anymore
My mind is not contaminated by their abhorrent presence
My mind is now drunk by the luminescence of God’s presence

Yes, I remember when I thought it’s a blessing to die
When I fell in love the moment I saw her cry
When the grass was always greener on the other side
I remember when I went back to a moment in paradise

That’s why I come to Jesus with a thankful heart
He’s the very reason why aside I’ve drawn,
From the entire world and all of its darkness
Now I seek God’s love, and only His presence

I thought I was complete the minute I saw a girl
With little wonders, she revolved around my world
I thought it was more than a feeling, but it was only a demon
I always knew that I was trapped, needing freedom
Everything reminded me of them
In writing I became inspired by them
But then the Lord revealed Himself to me
That’s when the angel of the sky became revealed to me

It’s not a benediction spending nights with girls anymore
I do not say ‘I love you’ to girls anymore
I don’t try to write acrostic for girls anymore
Holding one close to me means nothing anymore

Jealousy was a huge description of me
I remember when hatred consumed a big part of me
When we’re young, everything is the end of the world
But we don’t always have to be one with the world

So now I have the power to change the world
Jesus and I will do it together
I don’t have that spirit of confusion anymore
Jesus and I will last forever

Memories trickle down my brain
But now the change will finally take place
Real faith comes from loving the Creator’s ways
I’m not living a dream world, but reality today

Yes, I remember the times it rained
When I wanted to be with her on Valentine’s Day
When I compared myself to a lonely train
When inside the labyrinth their love remained

Now there’s no shame in this beautiful exchange
Beautiful girls aren’t better than Jesus’ love
Eternal love is what I’m preaching these days
Well, I was transformed by His never-ending love

I come to Jesus with a thankful heart
To live a beautiful life seemed incredibly hard
The demons as angels were easily disguised
But thanks to unconditional love, now I’m wise

I come to Him with a thankful love
The journey to Him seemed incredibly far
I thought my darkness could never return to light
But Jesus makes the impossible possible in life

I come to Jesus with a thankful love
I come to Him with a thankful heart
I come to Jesus with a thankful love
I come to Him with a thankful heart

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