Your Presence


When I’m depressed and distressed you are with me
When I cry you are there by my side,
When I would wish to have a better feeling,
When I wished for someone to confide.

I met many creatures in the sea
Those crazy demons destroyed my life
But you were always there to help me
Never for a second had you left my side

I loved your presence the minute I first felt it
I didn’t want it to go away
The very first second I felt your presence
I could not feel my ancient pains
I loved your presence the first time I felt it
I fulfilled my wish with you that day
And now again I seek your presence
I want to feel your presence today

Bring to me air in the blazing heat
Help me turn my darkness into light.
Remove my blindfold so I can see
Bring to me wings so that I can fly

Help me let my pain just fly away
Help me win a soul that’s straight ahead
Help me look from place to place to place
Until I feel your presence again

Help me let go off all my pains
I need your presence with me, Lord
I want to let go off yesterday
Help me feel your precious presence, Lord
Help me remove my vivid stains
Help me feel the same way I once felt it
So when I think back to today,
I’ll say to you that I felt your precious presence.

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