God is Here

Though I’m unworthy of Your love,
And I’ve done things that You’re unproud of,
Though I’ve searched for a lot of loves,
And my live has fallen from above,
Though I’m still within the world,
Trying to set myself out,
Searching inside for my rebirth,
Trying so hard to not pull down,

Right here You are;
In my life, You always are,
Giving air for me to breathe,
Giving love for me to see,
That You are here.

Even though Your face is far
Farther than the morning star
I close my eyes so I can see
And then I see
That You are here.

Though I’ve made You sad,
You punished me for sins,
Though You lost my hands;
I was drawn back by my own wrists,
Though I saw the clouds,
Acted as if nothing was going on,
I’ll soon feel ready to be able to shout,
You’re always here, my lovely God.

Right here You are;
In my life, You’ve always been
Trying to get a hold of me,
Begging me, “Don’t do this please, ”
Because you’re here.

And I can’t dishonor You.
For Your presence is my tool,
My weapon against the enemy,
Now I won’t commit more felonies,
Because You’re here.

God is here

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