No matter how much weight’s being lifted
To push my heart away from You
My heart bounces back, just like a magnet
It keeps me going back to You
I can’t escape from who You are
Ever since you took me,
I’m marked for life
Your light,
It shines,
Brighter than the stars
It transcends all the processes of time

Sometimes the cares of this world are too much
And then its riches pull me down
And I forget that I’m Your son
That you can bring provision now
My heart, it yearns
Becoming bitter
Wanting to draw to you but going back
Wanting to be better but getting sicker
Feeling the loss of the grips of your hands

But then you come likes a beautiful wave
You washed away all fears and hate
I was feeling pain and going insane
So glad I am,
That now You came.

Like a magnet,
You come and take me
Back into Your arms
Back into Your heart

I feel I’m being pushed away
But it’s just one of your plans
To appreciate you more
To value you more.

Like a magnet,
You push me back
Into Your divinity
Into Your whole beauty.

Like a magnet,
I’m being pushed
Closer to God
Closer to Love.

Closer to the Lover
That’s where I want to be
Thought it does get harder
With You,
I know I’ll always be

So push me like a magnet
Take me deeper into Your heart
So that our burdens can be lifted
To experience the wonders of Your love

Drag me like a magnet
Keep me going back to You
Be attached to me like a magnet
I don’t want to ever draw from You.

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