The Greatest Gift

By the power of God
I can heal the sick and cast out demons
Create signs and wonders in the name of Jesus
But none of that is enough.
By the power of our God
I can arrange the clouds in the sky
But that won’t leave me satisfied
Sadly, that’s still not enough.

I can do this thing; I can do that thing
And I can talk and I can sing
But that doesn’t motivate me for Him
That doesn’t make me want to live.
He’s given a gift to all of us
Special gifts, He gave to us
But the greatest gift He gave to us;
Was His beautiful and unconditional love.

The power of God can’t change anyone
If it’s not accompanied by love
I wasn’t changed by the power of God
My life was transformed by His everlasting love.
Yes, there is power in His love!
But power by itself has no power
God used His love to enter into my heart
He changed my life in the darkest hour.
Power can only stun an enormous crowd
It might interest a hundred souls
But only love will take their crown
Only love can steal the show.

It doesn’t matter what I can’t do
I can’t do anything without His love
It feeds passion to me so soon
It gives me life, it gives me all.
His greatest gift to us is love
Going inside His presence and feeling joy
The smooth awakening of His call
When I acknowledge my Father’s voice.

I need the presence of the Lord
So I can love the way He did
I want my gifts to glorify the Lord
I only want Him to be exalted.
I want the world to be able to know
There is a Father who listens to us
I cannot do it if I’m stealing His show
A part of the background, is where I belong.

His grace is with me so I can love
I’m grateful for what He has given me
I can prophecy to all and pray for all
But I do it knowing that He does love me.
Now I know that I’m accepted
Only the love of God can ever change
The earth, it trembles, at His command
He is the only one that saves.

My gifts do not compare to His love
I’m always grateful for His love
I don’t deserve it, but I’m thankful for it
It gives me determination, it gives me strength.

It’s good to walk in His power
How greater it is to walk in His love
To be able to change at the darkest hour
Any unbeliever with His love.
How great it is to walk in love
Knowing the one that can give it to us
I can’t do anything without His love
His gifts mean nothing without His touch.

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