Let Your Face Shine (Arise: Isaiah 60:2)

Arise from your deadened slumber
Arise like the days of summer
Let your face shine upon the earth
Let your light reflect to all of the world

Arise from depression and from sickness
Let your face display in every place
The people shall marvel at your presence
The anointing of your vessel shall be great!

Let your light shine bright in everyone’s life
Eliminate terror, distraught, and strife
Your time for victory has arrived
Your perseverance shall survive

Discard all pain and insecurity
Your chance at redemption has finally come
Arise, arise, with wings of purity
You have a shot of love at the arms of God

Arise, and fellowship in unity
Take every chance and opportunity
Don’t fall asleep, for you must shine
The world must see your vivid light.

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