5 Reasons Preaching and Pastoral Ministry Are Fulfilling

Truthful! Many people have lost the passion to shepherd and counsel others with the love of Christ! This has become my daily passion every day… what I live for the rest of my life! I have not regretted it ever since!



One of the greatest and most influential preachers of all time, Baptist pastor Charles Spurgeon warned those considering pastoral ministry who sought his counsel not to preach if they could help it. However, Spurgeon said, “If he cannot help it, and he must preach or die, then he is the man.” Spurgeon called this “an intense, all-absorbing desire for the work.”

Anyone who is in pastoral ministry, preparing for pastoral ministry, or in the family of one in pastoral ministry can appreciate this counsel from Spurgeon because of the imposing and daunting nature of pastoral ministry. Preaching and pastoral ministry carry tremendous weight. Pastors are involved in the best and worst of people’s lives. Pastors are under great scrutiny from both friends and enemies at various points. Pastors’ families are constantly under the moral microscope of the church and community. I have intimated thoughts about the pastor and his family

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