We’re living in the end times
We’ll never make it through the night
Unless we embrace you,
And I embrace you

Throughout the weaknesses and conflicts,
The troubles and the embarrassments,
My mistakes and all of my dooms,
As I embrace you, I find my refuge.
And I can’t live without your presence
Out of every person, you are my truest friend
In your arms is where I feel real love
So I embrace your unconditional love
Let it run inside of my burning heart
Leave me transformed and leave me touched
Deliver me from all of my faults
I want to be changed in the arms of love
Give me your security, a new sensation
The freedom to approach your adoration
Make me whole and make me new
Make me a new person, as I embrace you

We are living the end of times
There is no way that we’ll survive
Unless we embrace our Heavenly Father,
And I embrace You,
I embrace Your love.

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