Take me to my Destiny

Take me
Like the angels awake me
Like a boomerang, come chase me
Astound me and spark me

Show me
Every place where you will take me
All the people you’ll bring to me
All the people that will change me

Take me to my realm, to my atmosphere of influence
Take me to my cosmos to shine among the best
Take me to my territory to conquer with love
Take me to my cities to take over all
You’re in me to break impossibilities
You’re in my mind, and you shine in my life
Come and take me to my destiny
A place where I can say, “Jesus, be glorified.”

I’m ready to walk in my purpose, Lord
Give me the weapons to be successful
I’m ready to shine like never before
I’ll be successful, though it might be stressful
I’m ready for long and sleepness nights
I’m ready to die for the sake of my call
To take up that cross and see you shine
Lord, be glorified over all

Take me to the nations and every city
Let your spirit dwell within me
So I may preach the living God
That I may win those souls that are lost
Your power lives to bring courage in me
With you, there’s no way that I can fail
Come and take me to my destiny
Let your love, through me, prevail

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