Jesus is My Reality

The world sees daily tragedies
The storms, the wars, the people dying
The earth’s being shaken above the normalities
Yet, still the church, continues fighting
The wealth for the righteous continues rising
Their faith and boldness is their remedy
Darkness is strong but they continue shining
They’re aware that you’re the reality

World War one in the 1920s
The Twin Tower bombings in the twentieth century
We’ve never abandoned your daily teachings
Every moment of everyday, it’s you, who we’re seeking
The presidents will never stop blaspheming
They’re not the ones that will bring the blessings
Jesus, for you, I continue waiting
Because I know that you are my reality

The entire nation is corrupt in agony
With pride, leaders are wrestling
The root of evil is in the money
But Jesus, you’re my reality
When the world sees crisis, I see your love
When they see corruption, I see peace
When they despise you, I bring you along
Jesus, you’re my reality

2 thoughts on “Jesus is My Reality

  1. God bless you with every blessing in our Lord Jesus for looking unto Him despite what meets the eye in this age!

    Your words, I believe, make our Lord smile down upon you with great joy 🙂


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