CAP Obliterated the Plans of Satan to God’s People

CAP (Conferencia Apostolica y Profetica, translated to Apostolic and Prophetic Conference) took place on Oct 8, 9, and 10. This conference united over 100 nations in the American Airlines Arena at Miami in order to celebrate, praise, and worship the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. The majority of the people with sicknesses were healed in a miracle session taught by Apostle Guillermo Maldonado. Prophetic words were released in the atmosphere by Prophet Brian Carn, Prophetess Ana Maldonado, and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Divine revelation was brought to us by Apostle Renny McLean concerning the mysteries of the supernatural and the law of accumulation. The spirit of worship was brought to us by New Wine Music and Marcos Brunet. CAP provided insights to 18,000 people over the plans of the enemy, and how to get up and fight in the spiritual realm.
During the last session of Apostle Maldonado, I was so impacted by the waves of the Holy Spirit. The first wave of the fear of God hit me in a powerful way. I was blown away and trembling on my knees in awe of His presence. The following waves of power, love, and fire ignited spiritual sight to discern and perceive the moves of the Holy Spirit. The Lord revealed to me His plans for my life in the following months to come. Marveled by the visions he showed me concerning my family and my purpose, I was push to stand up and fight for those promises.
This meeting completely transformed and revolutionized my life. My cup was overflowing, and I am ready to release it over the world!

CAP 2015 promo

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