Love Lives Forever

Love is a force that it astounds me,
It is such a tremendously righteous feeling;
It manifested from a dream,
And then it found me in reality.

And then, I learned…

That, to live in love, means to love,
Even when by tribulation, we’re surrounded
Even when by walls, we’re surrounded,
Because the Lord is in control of all;
Because the Lord has got our arms.

That, love, is not a burden,
Though at times things seem unfair;
Love is like the wind;
There’s just no doubt that it is there.

That, love, it animates us throughout storms,
When confronting weather and intricate folks;
That love keeps us fighting until our light,
Displayed, must make us vividly shine.

Love lives forever…

Love is a spirit lying within a body,
Giving the being so much life;
When the body must eventually pass-away,
You know that their spirit can never die.

Love lives forever…

Love is life,
Love is what makes up human-life;
Even when people can’t stay with me forever,
I know that their love shall live in me forever.

Love is a river,
Flowing through my window,
Even when my sorrows are reaching me,
I know that the best is waiting for me.

Love lives forever…

Love is life,
Love gives us life;
Love is forever,
Love lives forever.

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