Something New is About to Emerge!

Isaiah 66:9: “I will not cause pain without something new to be born,” says the Lord.

God will never bring a situation that is beyond our control! This word confirms that God would not allow to bring pain to us if He is not getting ready to bring something new into our life!

Everything that you have faced, encountered, and struggled with throughout 2015 is getting ready to be dismantled at the hands of your blessing! We are about to end 2015, and I believe that greater things are about to emerge. There is a spiritual warehouse getting ready to open and release thousands of blessings that have been on hold for the perfect timing! This is the reaping season, in Jesus’ name!

The New of God

I’m jumping into the movement
I’m leaving my past behind
Every sorrow and loneliness,
I’ve erased it from my mind
All the times that I’ve been criticized
All the times I’ve been upset.
All of them, I put aside
As I am jumping into this movement.

I’m jumping into the new
The new move of the Lord
I’m focused and I’m tuned
My eyes are focused on the lord
I’m more focused than before
I feel you near when you’re in the room
Making me feel completely transformed
Igniting a fire to pursue you

I’m leaving those that were never thirsty
I’m hungry for this awesome new of God.
Come and change me and transform me
Bring about a radical move of God
I want to love you from the start
With a passion tingling and burning
I want to be yearning more than the start
Into this movement, I shall continue jumping

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