Hold My Hand







Through the perilous times
And moments of chaos and distraught
When the thief comes in the night
To steal the blessings that you caught
And as you walk into the desert
And dig your feet into the sand
In heaven I’m writing, to you, this letter
Just hold my hand

When you want to raise the flag
When you want to walk away from it all
When you feel you’re being dragged
Just hold my hand through it all

Hold my hand
As I eliminate evil thoughts
As I prepare a promised land
The kind you’ve always sought
Hold my hand
I will make sure you’re never hurt
Next to you I’ll always stand
During the best and through the worst.

As you approach the cliff, desiring to die
Or raising that knife close to your heart
Know that my love is super wide
It can heal your every scar

Just hold my hand
You don’t have to be alone
It’s always been my one demand
You don’t have to do this on your own
Do not be stubborn and just listen to me
I always want you to be glad
Only through my will, you’ll be happy
Just seek me daily, and hold my hand

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