Does “Star Wars” Carry Biblical Symbolism?


“The Force Awakens,” the seventh installment of the Star Wars saga, debuted in movie theaters all around the world this weekend. Written by George Lucas, “Star Wars” was originally a tale of good versus evil. From World Wars, to failing presidents, to a deprived economy, the United States was in need of a savior. This movie alleviated audiences of the times that they were living in.

Lucas’s desired to create a superman that overcame tragedies. Although not a Christian motion-picture, “Star Wars” has contained Biblical references. This has made it an inspiring and awesome tale for many generations to come. Here are a few allusions:


  1. The Struggle Between Good and Evil.

download (1)Before becoming Darth Vader, Anakin faced a struggle. Not only did he fear the death of his wife Padme, but he desired to become the greatest Jedi of all time. Similarly, Luke went through similar battles. He had surrender to his fear, worry, doubt, and insecurities. Only by doing this, he could respond to that call that was over his life to become a hero.

This brawl depicts our present fight with doing the will of God versus our flesh. Sometimes, we are in a state of conformism and are afraid of what lies ahead. We need Jesus to be able to take us into another world that is beyond what we believe.

  1. The Hero’s Journey resembled the life of a Christian when they received Christ.

The Hero’s Journey was a story that explained the transition of a character from one point to a different point. In other words, a character didn’t end the same as when they started, such as from childhood to being an adult. In “Star Wars,” both Luke and Anakin Skywalker were called into an adventure. Both didn’t end up the same. One ended up being Darth Vader, and another became the hero of the Jedi race.

Similarly, we are called by God to serve. At the end of our walk with God, we will end up completely changed and transformed.

  1. The Process to Become Great.

anakin-skywalker-before-darth-vaderIn “Star Wars,” Anakin wanted self-gratification; he wanted shortcuts to power and to become the greatest Jedi of the galaxy. He was angered when he was rejected to become a Jedi Master. This caused him to cut the bridge of process and take a different route to become the most powerful Jedi.

On the other hand, Luke went through the process. He was given small tasks in order to ensure his trustworthiness, such as protecting Princess Leia, annihilating the Death Star, and ultimately saving his father, Darth Vader. This process helped him conquer his anger in the end when Darth Sidious seduced him to turn to the Dark Side, a similar task that Sidious attempted with Anakin Skywalker.

In the kingdom of God, we must go through a process in order to value the blessings that God grants us. If we receive blessings like a child receives gifts from his parents, we will become spoiled and we will think that we deserve everything. When we go through a process to obtain things, we have matured enough to be able to obtain such privileges.

  1. A mentor, parent, guide, or pastor in our walk with God.

Jedi Masters in “Star Wars” represent a pastor or a mentor in the kingdom of God. Similar to a parent, they give us wisdom, luke-obiwaninspiration, knowledge, and they affirm our call of God. They give us the preparation to transition into our next dimensions in life, whether it is to become an adult, or to buy a house, or a car. The apprentice goes to the mentor for everything. Similarly, the hero moves forward based on his mentor. They carry morality, spiritual faith, and strict physical discipline.

  1. The Jedi Master’s most important teaching was the force. In the Kingdom of God, it can be the cross, or the Holy Spirit.

The force in “Star Wars” was the force that carried everything. Iimagesn order to be successful and know how to use the force, you were expected to reach spiritual enlightenment. This never came without sacrifice. Jedi must overcome doubt, worry, guilt, and fear. They must isolate themselves from feelings and emotions. Drawn to his emotions, temptations, and greed, Anakin failed to reach this enlightenment to become a Jedi Master.

  1. The chancellor is similar to the devil, and the betrayal of Anakin is similar to Judas or to Satan.

_1413419123The chancellor threw seeds of doubt to Anakin, resembling the serpent in
the Garden of Eden. Sidious changed Anakin’s thoughts about the Jedi similar to how the snake changed Adam’s thoughts toward God and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The chancellor forced Anakin to think that the Jedi were afraid that Anakin would overthrow the Jedi. Anakin’s betrayal to the Dark Side resembled the betrayal of Lucifer with God, or the betrayal of Judas with Jesus.

There were more references to Biblical terms from Star Wars that I didn’t mention. Nonetheless, we could argue that this work is valuable and incredible. Its legacy will continue to thrive for many generations.


Star Wars Documentary: The Legacy Revealed


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