The Chapter

Finally, it’s the closing of another chapter
The year has ended as the shut of a door
You overcame hell and every difficult battle
It is time to perceive what I have in store

A brand new car and a better-paying job
An unquenchable fire to seek the face of the Lord
And a double-portion for what has been robbed
And the most powerful garment you have never worn

Finally it’s the closing of another chapter
The year is ending much faster than before
You’re reaching adulthood as life is getting harder
Abandoning friends, college life, and much more

Remove your fears, frustrations, and every single doubt
There are opportunities along the lengthy shores
Your limit is the skies, far above what you can count
Accept your reward because you’ve won the war.

It’s the end of a journey but keep your cool
Run with persistence but sounding pretty low
Keep watch for predators chasing after you
Watch the present bumps on this narrow road

Let Jesus drive you throughout this next chapter
Grab your steering wheel and let him guide your soul
I promise you that you are one step closer
To achieving all your dreams and every goal.

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