How to Enter Your New Season- Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

A couple of Sundays ago, our pastor and apostle, Guillermo Maldonado, gave one of the most impacting messages of all time! Well actually, all of his messages are impacting. Because we are about to transition into a new year, I feel like it is important to share this one. If we are not preparing ourselves for 2016, we will not sustain the blessings or trials that will await for us in the next months to come.

One of the things he mentioned is that a season is a period of time that is marked by supernatural events. Similar to athletes that train during their breaks, we must train ourselves so that we can be ready when the seasons come. If an athlete trains hard and prepares himself wisely, he will be at his best when the season comes. This is why we must prepare ourselves; we must provoke our own seasons!

How can we enter into our new season?

#1. We must evaluate ourselves.
When he mentioned this, I almost flew from my chair. Prayer is the place of evaluation. I love prayer because I have the opportunity to quiz myself on what I did wrong throughout the day. Before the year ends, it is vital for us to analyze ourselves. What mistakes did we do throughout this year?

“If you don’t evaluate yourself, you will repeat the same mess.” — Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

#2. God changes our heart before he takes us into our new season.
I’ve realized that before I enter in my season, God renews my mind like never before. He changes my thoughts, my dreams, and my actions. The moment that I do that, as the explosion of a grenade, a season comes!

#3. We must repent.
Powerful breakthroughs happen when we repent! Healing happens when we repent. Deliverance happens when we repent. Restoration emerges through repentance. The moment that we ask God to forgive us for our mistakes, God opens the lock to the doors in heaven that were holding down our blessings.

#4. We must be in the purpose and the will of God.
If we are outside of the purpose and the will of God, the blessings that come into our way can pull us from God himself. If we are not in right standing with God, the blessings can become curses in our lives! For instance, a job can seem like a blessing, but too much work can make us go to church less. Maybe we receive a car, but instead of using it for God, we will tend to use it for other reasons. If we receive a scholarship for school, we will overload ourselves with classes and forget about the kingdom.

#5. The same way we leave 2015, we will enter 2016.
If we don’t get our act together and change what needs to be changed, we will already enter 2016 the wrong way. This is the worst way that we can ever enter the New Year.

#6. Pay your vows.
If we made a promise to God, we must make sure that we fulfill that promise. Maybe we promised God that we would serve him forever if he healed our body. Now he is asking us, “Where is your service?” Maybe we told him that if he saved our family, we would commit to praying everyday, and we still haven’t done it. God takes vows seriously, and we must meet them before the end of the year.

#7. Break soul-tithes with the past.
We must break every pact and every connection with the past in order to move forward. God doesn’t dwell in the past! He dwells in the present. Whatever mistakes we did in 2015 deal with the people that we spoke to, the influences they had over our lives, and their power over us. In order to move forward, we must make new relationships, seek more of God, and ask him to take us into the future!

The best is yet ahead! These are not New Year resolutions, since they do not involve the New Year yet. We must fix these things now so that we don’t start off the year right! I’ve been digging myself into prayer to make sure that all of these steps are on point! If you join me in prayer and in these steps, we can have the best year of our lives!

2 thoughts on “How to Enter Your New Season- Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

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