Moving Forward Despite our Surroundings

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Martin Luther King Jr. couldn’t have said it any better way. If there is one thing that runs the minds of people around this time period is: “What did I do wrong? Why did this happen to me this year? I can’t see myself in a better place.” What we don’t know is that God knows our movie already; he knows our beginning and our end. He is the author of our life and if it isn’t over, it is because there are more chapters that we haven’t finished experiencing! maxresdefault

The Apostle Paul couldn’t have said it any better, as well. Here is Philippians 3:12-16 in the image at the right:



Paul was aware that he was among the least perfect, but what made him great was that he left what was behind and moved forward to seek what’s ahead!

We must do the same as the Apostle of the Gentiles did! We must look forward no matter what we face!

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