Rod Parsley is Healed from Cancer!

Rod-ParsleyEarlier this year in 2015, Pastor Rod Parsley and his family members received the most difficult words that any human being can hear regarding their life. He was diagnosed with throat cancer.

“I am not going to lie that these news sent me into a very dark place,” Pastor Parsley said.

Hearing the news caused Parsley to search deep into himself and go into a place where his faith was being challenged. He couldn’t preach at all and was forced by his doctors to rest. If he didn’t take care of himself in this manner, major consequences in his health would have emerged.

“I am not going to be preaching today,” Rod Parsley said. “I am going to be obedient. My doctors told me that if I go further without rest, I will be making permanent damage to myself.”

The moment he mentioned this, tears trickled down his face. The members of the congregation could feel the pain that was in at the time. Whether you are a preacher, believer, or any kind of person, to hear that we have cancer is not an easy task.

“Immediately, you come to face with your own mortality,” Pastor Parsley said.

I love his humility in this quote. Nobody is prepared to hear that they are going to die. Whether we have faith in God, God is sovereign. He can do whatever he wants, however he wants, whenever he wants. In this case, hearing this from the doctors brought concern into his heart and caused him to search deep inside of himself.

“At that moment you have to stand firmly and not listen to the voices that strike inside your head,” Pastor Parsley said.

shutterstock_196707311Pastor Parsley is human like each and every one of us! The same voices that attack our head were the voices that attacked him at the moment. Nonetheless, he persevered and kept the faith. He mentioned in the video that preachers all over the world called him to pray for him. He felt the support around the world of people that stood firm in agreement with him.

“This is the fight of faith,” Rod Parsley said. “This is the adversary saying that your life is over. The ministry is collapsed. You will never grab a microphone on one hand and a Bible in the other and preach again.”

It was this same devil that spoke to his head the giant that challenged him to strengthen his faith. While he couldn’t speak for a long period of time, all he could do was just wait for God to perform the miracle. The Lord let him to this scripture:


As he went into the best hospital of the nation, the doctors were concerned that the people would see Rod Parsley entering. They wanted to bring him in through the back of the hospital. Parsley refused to enter through the back and asked to be entered through the front of the hospital.

“It is good that the people see me,” he said, “that way, that they know that I fight the same fight that they fight everyday.”

By this, he shows us and demonstrates us that although God uses him in a powerful way, he is a man just like all of us. He struggles like all of us. He has to fight his way through life like all of us. His victories and preachings do not substitute him from the darts of the enemy! Nonetheless, he finally heard the news that the battle is won!

downloadI’m beyond grateful for his life! God is good in all that he does, and specifically in this miracle. Now, it is a testimony to the world that Jesus is the healer, and he can do miracles just like he did 2000 years ago.

“I’ll be better tomorrow that I am today,” Pastor Rod said. “I’ll be stronger tomorrow that I am today.”

He never stopped declaring this. Every time he went to sleep, he continued to believe in this message. As a result of his faith, and everyone around the world coming to agreement, we were able to manifest the miracle into this Earth! Praise be to Jesus! Your miracle can happen now, as well! In Jesus’ name!


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