A gunman, attempting to commit murder in a church, ends up receiving Jesus

1144197_630x354On a New Year’s service Thursday night, Pastor Larry held a service at his local church at Lafayette, North Carolina. During the service, he spoke about the horrible deaths, killings, and murders that took place throughout 2015. As they approached unto 20 minutes before the New Year commenced, a man enters with a gun on one hand and bullets  on the other.

“Can I help you?” Pastor Larry said, according to CNN.

To his astonishment, the man held the rifle pointing to the air but didn’t shoot. Instead, he asked Pastor Wright for prayer.

The gun was retrieved by the deacons in the church. They hugged him, prayed for him, and ministered to him.

Larry Wright did a call for the lost that evening and the man stood up to receive Jesus that night. Not only did he accept Christ, but he apologized to the congregation. He confessed that he was about to commit killings before the New Year, but God set him free.


The man was later taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center voluntarily to receive mental help and treatment.



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