Jesus Is, the Power of the Spoken Word

As I was watching video, I was being ministered by every sentence that was addressed. The spoken word is becoming more known nowadays, and it is being utilized for the expansion of God’s kingdom. There is a power and a conviction that stirs up in our hearts when we listen to this message. It opens our eyes, removes the veil, and helps us realize and acknowledge that Jesus is the “Great I Am.”

These are a few things that Jennings shared that Jesus is:

download“He is more than you could ever need. He is more than the eye could ever see.”
What a perfect way to start the monologue. All the things our eyes will ever see in this world will never compare to the beauty that is Jesus, himself.

“I can’t explain him and I can’t describe him, and if I could, he wouldn’t be Jesus.”
There is no absolute way to describe a heavenly being. The moment that we describe him with natural terms, he wouldn’t be the divine being that he is. This is what keeps Jesus incredible, awesome, and the most beautiful King of all.

“He is an example of love to the whole world. The lover of every boy and girl.”
The Bible tells us that God is love. He not only is love, but an example of love. To every boy and to every girl, and to every person in need throughout the world, he will always display his unconditional love.Jesus-The-Son-of-God-Banner

“I don’t worship a man, but I worship Jesus.”
We are not committing idolatry. We are not talking about a being that we merely believe in. We are talking about a man that we worship because he is more than just a belief, he is the truth. He came as a man and rose from the grave to prove his divinity.

“His heart bleeds for us. His heart grieves for us.”
The same way that his body bled and his heart grieved when he approached the cross is the same way that his spirit does the same for us. His heart desires us. His heart longs for us to return to him.

08CD0602-6791-4064-8E09-33F0E4EB1752“His spirit is like the wind.”
Although through circumstances, it is difficult to acknowledge him, just like this statement says, he always there. There is no escaping the wind; it is always among us. In the same manner, the spirit of God dwells within us.

“If you want to know him, you don’t have to wait.”
Jesus is omnipresent. We don’t have to wait to die or till night time to say a prayer to him. We can know him now. We can personally talk to him and feel his presence. We don’t have to go to a church or ask someone to pray for him. All we have to do is have a heart that sincerely wants to know Jesus.

“When the time comes for me to fade away, I’ll remember the day I heard him say, ‘My name is Jesus.'”
The moment that he says that to us, our lives will change forever. If we genuinely love Jesus and honor him, these words will cause a difference in our lives. Jesus means more than just a normal name. It is Savior, Almighty, Powerful, Alpha, Omega, Jehovah, Messiah, Healer, Deliver, and so many other names that God the Father attributed to him.

His name is love.


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