Obama Calls for Executive Action in Gun Control Policy

EXZW_gun_control_graphicUpset at the recent failure of the gun bill, President Obama gave an emotional speech addressing the lack of Republican support for the bill. According to the president, no one can sit around and do nothing while innocent lives are being murdered.

“We are going to have to change our laws,” Obama told CNN. “It can’t be that easy for someone (who wants to inflict damage on people) to get a gun.”

This year alone has seen more murders in the United States alone than in the previous years. From shootings in malls, to shootings in churches and public schools, we are seeing the greatest manifestations of evil in the world. Let us go back to some murders that went viral throughout 2015:

#1. Charleston Church Shootingimages (2)
According to NBC news, nine people were shot and killed during a Bible study session at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Eventually he was caught running away.

#2. Chattanooga shootings
CBS news lets us know that five people were killed in the scene of Chattanooga in a shooting exchange. The people killed were mainly soldiers that served our country.

images#3. Fort Bliss Shooting
A man shot and killed a psychologist at West Texas veterans’ hospital. After the psychologist was dead, the man committed suicide.

#4. Lafayette Theatre Shooting

During the filming of “Trainwreck” a man opened fire in a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. He shot 11 people, two were killed and nine were wounded. After the incident, he committed suicide.images (3)

#5. San Bernardino Shootings
At the Inland Regional Center, a holiday party turned into a nightmare. A married couple fired rounds that killed 14 people. Twenty-two people were injured. The couple were killed in a gunfire exchange with the police several moments after this event.

#6. Tyrone Shootings
In Tyrone, Missouri, Jesse Alridge went on a random shooting rampage and killed seven people. After killing those people, he commited suicide.

Oregon college shooting suspect Chris Harper-Mercer is seen in a photo taken from his Myspace account#7. Umpqua Community College Shootings
Chris Mercer killed 10 people at the Umpqua Community college. He later died in a gun exchange with police.

#8. Waco Biker Shootouts
At Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco, Texas, a shootout emerged between bikers. Nine people were killed, and 18 of them were injured.

“Far too many lives have been lost in gun control tragedies.” Mark Barden said to CNN. “As a nation we can do better.”


Barden stood up in support of President Obama releasing the executive order to provide a gun control solution. His son Daniel Barden was a victim of the 2013 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school. Daniel was one of the many victims that perished that day due to a young man that carried firearms.

“The truth is that every gun related death is preventable,” Mark Barden said.

Republicans stood in the way of Obama being able to launch the new gun
bill. As a result, the president decided to go the executive order route.

Profile of the Executive Order:160104151310-obama-guns-control-executive-order-sot-00000714-large-169 - Copy

  • Sellers need a license and background check in order to sell guns.
  • If they don’t get a license and agree to a background check, they are subject to criminal prosecution.
  • Any domestic violence, mental issue, or conviction history could be disqualified from obtaining a gun.
  • The background check system will be updated with funding and more availability.


Will this executive order stop crimes in America? Will it keep us safer than by having our own guns to protect our families?
As the spirit of God continues to manifest, the spirit of darkness becomes stronger than it ever has been. We must prepare ourselves for 2016 spiritually and physically. We must pray for our families, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and anyone else that may not know Jesus.


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