Continue to Dream Throughout our Lives!

Source: Dare to Dream And Don’t Lose Hope

Reading this post, I recalled a poem that I wrote a long time ago during the beginning of my walk with God. I began receiving prophetic visions and dreams in regards to my calling and purpose. My encounters with God as a spiritual baby is what has kept me strong until this day! This blog post took me back to the beginning and all the dreams that I had in God! Many of them came to past, but now it is time to dream and believe for more! Moses had a dream and a vision given by God! Jeremiah had a dream and a vision! Many of the prophets (Isaiah, Ezekiel, Joel, etc.) had visions regarding the future. Even Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a speech called “I have a Dream.” They didn’t stop dreaming! The same can be said about us! We can’t stop believing in Jesus!

Dream, Come True
A growing nation is in my dreams
Cooperating as a team
Like the deep blue skies and every sea
To bring a change for you and me

A changing nation is in my heart
Growing leaders who will speak to all
Enforcing action and truthful love
To bring a change for everyone

I can see the people rising up
While I close my eyes and I hold my heart
Erupting immensely from the fog
A transformation waited upon

I can see this nation in my dreams
Oh how vivid it appears to me,
So much, it almost inspires me
Oh please come true, oh very dream.

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