Laying It All Before God/ Psalm 95:6 (Hit the Deck)

Source: Hit the Deck

Good morning everyone! I was compelled to share this amazing post that I read this morning, which is a continuous challenge to putting God first this year! As this post reads, we must “hit the deck.”

There is nothing like putting it all on the table before God! Just like this post says, putting ourselves on our knees demonstrates our humility and our desire to surrender everything at the feet of Jesus!

Psalm 95:6 “Come, let us worship and bow down, Let us kneel before the LORD our Maker.”

Before my Maker

He will never leave us
His mercy is everlasting
His love is never-failing
His presence is never-ending

He created the stars, he created the seas
And every living thing that moves and breathes
He created the planets and galaxies
I lift up my eyes so, all of them, can see

I raise my hands before my maker.

When all hell comes along
His trust is everlasting
His confidence is never-failing
His companionship is never-ending.

He’s the maker of the world and of every being
He created my victories, my defeats,
And every storm that rages over me,
So I lift up my hands so they all can see.

That I kneel before the Lord, my maker.

And His decisions, I do not judge
If He eliminates something from me
I know there is better waiting for me
I bow down on my knees so the Earth can I see…

That I put my trust before my maker.
That I put my faith before my maker.
That I surrender my ego before my maker.
That I am naked before my maker.

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