The Power and Revelation of Honor- Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

A few years ago at Dr. Rodney Howard Browne’s church, Apostle Maldonado was invited to share a message on honor. As I viewed the video, I remembered just how important it is that we live our entire lives with a heart that honors. It is the beginning of 2016, and we cannot experience breakthroughs without honoring God and the people that have believed in us. This is what I received from the message by our pastor… I hope that you receive the same way that I did!

Honor is a culture in King Jesus Ministry.
I am so honored and privileged to be a part of this church. There is a movement taking place that is shaping the ends of the Earth! On a daily basis, testimonies are heard from all over the world of miraculous healings, signs, and wonders that took place as a result of the presence and glory of God from this church. How do we see all of these tremendous signs and wonders? Is it possible for a church to carry the miracles, signs, and wonders without honor? I believe so. However, a church (a body of Christ) that doesn’t honor God wholeheartedly doesn’t prosper.

Honor starts with God Himself.
God honors his word and the word is himself. We must honor because that is the example that God gives us. He doesn’t go against his word. Everything that the Bible states, we must be sure that is real if we put our faith and we put it to practice!

The kingdom of God is a kingdom of rewards.
You will receive rewards when you honor fully. We don’t honor to receive awards of public recognition, but we must assure ourselves that God can only reward us when we honor. The Bible states that is better to give than to receive. While it is a blessing to receive in our time of need, God can only give to us according to the amount that we are honoring him.

In times of crisis, we must make sure that we are honoring God.
I haven’t seen God forsake someone that has completely put their trust in God, even in the moments of crisis. I am a living testimony. Whenever I have lacked, God has provided because I have made the decision to put God first. When we are experiencing disasters and turmoil in our lives, we can expect for God to take us out of that mess because we are living a lifestyle of honor! Therefore, we must continuously be giving to God!

The area where we dishonor God is the area where our faith will not work.
The righteous will live by faith. Faith cannot work completely without honoring God, first. Faith cannot take the place of honor! If we are believing for something to happen and we are not honoring God, it is better to not believe. It is an insult to God to expect from him without first giving to him! He is rather expecting a sacrifice out of us!

How must we honor God?
1. Obedience. Every time that he speaks to us, we must listen and obey what he instructs us to do. Sometimes we run into making mistakes out of disobedience and rebellion toward him. We must choose to obey him even when we don’t understand what he is trying to tell us. When we obey God, we honor him with our will. In other words, we surrender our will to him.
2. Praise & Worship. Our prayer and devotional is key to honor God. This is essential because when we praise and worship God, we honor him with our time. In other words, we are telling God that even though we have a billion things to do, our time with him is more important than anything else.
3. Words. Our words must speak life onto others! If we participate in gossip, cussing, or declaring negative things over people’s lives, then we must check our hearts. This goes onto God, as well. When we participate in these things, we are dishonoring God and his people. God is love, and he doesn’t offend or judge.
4. Thoughts. Our thoughts must be holy! We must cast out every evil thought so that it doesn’t give birth to sin in our life! Our thoughts became actions, which give way to habits. Our habits will bring forth character, and our character will take us into our destiny. Therefore, our thoughts are extremely important. Every thought of leaving God’s will starts with a thought!
5. Service. We must serve God in our local church and be available to volunteer. When was the last time that we served as an usher, or in the worship team? When was the last time that we decided to go to a church event and bring people with us? All of this ties with service. When we don’t serve God in our church and local community, we dishonor him.
6. Excellence. Everything we do for God must come with excellence! Even if it costs money, but it must be done well. If musicians can gather extravagant concerts with large sceneries and lights, why cannot Christian ministers produce spectacular things for Jesus? We must think globally, because that is the way that God thinks. God didn’t give us mediocrity! He gave his son, his most wonderful and precious possession. If he gave us his best, why can’t we give God our best?

Thank you guys for reading! I pray that it ministers to your lives. If you have any questions or comments feel free to reply to this. Have a wonderful rest of the day! God bless you!

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