Love Eradicates Fear

This was the verse that delivered me from fear almost six years ago, 1 John 4:18 says that “perfect love casts away fear.” But fear is a thing that will continue to emerge as we step into the doors of our every day lives. There will always be new challenges, goals, and responsibilities that may inject fear into us. Although we may have been delivered from it once, deliverance must be a constant process in our lives and a daily one, as well. Daily, we must renounce to the spirit of fear, because according to the Apostle Paul, “God has given us a spirit of might.”

I have noticed how fear cripples our faith and diminishes us. It makes us see our circumstances bigger than the God that we serve. How many times have we made decisions based out of fear? Or better yet… how many times we have we not done something because we were afraid of what would happen next? Maybe we chose to not get baptized because we are afraid of committing our lives to God. Maybe we decided to go to a local college because we are afraid of building new relationships. Maybe we conform to a nearby job because we are afraid of more responsibilities, even if the pay might be greater. In other words, fear is like a virus or paralysis that torments and stagnates us!

Yesterday, as I listened to the message of Pastor Hiubert on fear, many things approached into my mind. It is amazing how even when we feel like we don’t have fear, there might be a small ounce of it that is bugging inside of us. It is like a fly or a mosquito that we tend to ignore inside of us. Little by little, if it is not confronted or taken care of, fear can pause us in every area of our lives! The perfect antidote to fear is being surrounded by God’s love! It is his love that produces faith.

With faith, I can believe for the impossible! I can believe for any impossibility to become a reality in my life! Ten years ago, he would stand in front of a wall and he would preach to that wall every night. The wall was his audience, the nations, and his church. In that wall, he ministered miracles, signs, and wonders, and he had the most “powerful services” that he ever had. His faith was so big that he imagined those things instead of seeing the wall. How big is our imagination?

As time progressed, that wall became a reality. He traveled to every nation that he envisioned. Every miracle that he imagined, he witnessed before his very eyes. He imagined praying for a blind person to be healed, and he witnessed it during one of his trips. He also imagined praying for someone to be healed from walking in a wheel chair, and it so happened! There is a huge power in our imagination!

If there is one thing that we can’t pause in our lives, is our imagination. The less we imagine, the less our faith will work! Did this post speak to you? I want to challenge you to walk by fight and not by sight! Someone that is reading this is about to imagine themselves out of slavery, poverty, and bondage! Someone is getting ready to imagine their business coming soon! I believe it! Do you believe it?

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