We Made it This Far, Now We Must Keep Moving Forward

Then King David went in and sat before the LORD and prayed, “Who am I, O Sovereign LORD, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?” – 1 Samuel 7:18

How gracious is God, that we are still alive today? People are dying everyday. Accidents, suicides, murders, and tragedies occur daily throughout the world. While the world continues to pervert itself with new ideas and distorted visions, His grace continues to guide us throughout life. He keeps us in health. He gives us the might to wake up everyday. He continues to make things happen over our lives. He doesn’t stop believing in us. This poem projects that inner faith that God has in us. I never would’ve imagined prolonging myself in Him; all I’ve ever wanted was to live forever in His presence. Daily I focus on Him, and focusing on Him daily has brought me to the six years that I have now with the Lord. We’ve made it this far, but this doesn’t mean that we should stop. It is time to press on, just like David pressed onto what was in store of him!

Made It This Far

Father in heaven, father of peace
The years go by and I’m left in awe
You’ve made a tremendous man out of me
I never would’ve thought that I made it this far

Through all of these storms you’ve followed me
I’ve shared in your sufferings because of love
Criticisms were serpents poisoning me
Inflicting a wrath upon my heart

The weather patterns and seasons changing
My faith was fragile as the dawn
My strength and abilities, constantly failing
I desired to run away from it all

But you’ve captured me and rescued me
Now I will never abandon your heart
You’ve secured the promises and the victories
Now I’ll never depart from your heart

I’ve fought battles and every disease
I don’t deserve to have made it this far
I should have died the moment I started to breathe
I should have died from the very start

I don’t deserve to have a destiny
I don’t deserve to ascend from glory to glory
But by your stripes I am restored
By your mercy and love, I was reborn

I don’t deserve to be living
I don’t deserve to be ever breathing
Years ago, my life was torn
But you rescued me and made me your own

Thank you.

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