Azusa Street Revival 2016 Overtakes the World

downloadYesterday, April 9, one of the most incredible events took place at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. From 7 a.m. until about 10:30 p.m., an outpouring of God’s presence, as well as healings, signs and wonders, swept the stadium and for everyone that watched live. Some of the world’s major Christian leaders, prophets and apostles gathered together in what quickly became one of the greatest events since the original Azusa Street Revival that took place in 1906. The original Azusa Street gave birth to the Pentecostal Movement that we have seen today around the world. However, as the years passed and the world became desensitized to God’s presence, the Azusa Street diminished, and what could have become one of the greatest revivals that could’ve seen the second coming of Jesus became a mere memory.

William Seymour, the original founder of the Azusa Street Revival, prophesied that in aazusastreet century the world would experience a fresh and complete awakening, much more powerful than how it was in his time. Unfortunately, by 1916, the powerful movement and hunger to experience more of God came to an abrupt end. Segregation, as well as worldly lifestyles, prevented this event from continuing to shape the landscape of the Earth. Emerging politicians, as well as the influence of secular celebrities, turned the world away from God, putting this movement to sleep for several decades.

But yesterday at Azusa Street, it was incredible to see multi-national and multi-cultural pastors, as well as intercessors, artists, celebrities and people of all kinds gathering azusanowtogether to partake in a revival that is about to reemerge. Some prophets spoke over the future of America, as well as other nations that are in need of God. People abandoned their wheelchairs as the Lord used brothers and sisters around them to pray for their healing. People in other sections were dancing to the songs that were being sung in different choreographies. Another section had painters that drew symbolic and powerful types of art that represented the fire and passion for God. In another section, people were being prayed for continuously with other groups of believers. On the stage, intercessors and pastors eternally continued to pray for the nations and that God would bring a miraculous unity. Worldwide, the event was broadcasted in different languages, some included Portugese, Spanish, Korean, French, Italian, German, etc.

Azusa_Street_RevivalMore than a century later, we are seeing the word of William Seymour come true. Churches around the world have begun to move into a new season and dimension. The church has modernized based on the movements of the Holy Spirit. This movement will continue to shape the Earth. When a movement is from God, it can’t be stopped; just like in the Book of Acts.

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