Can we Overcome Stress in Today’s Modern World?

Over 2000 years ago Jesus said, come to me, all who are weary (stressed), and I will give you rest. How is that possible in the 21st century? We are living in a society of networking where we are linked to multiple people at one time, with various tasks and responsibilities. Some of them include our managers at work with several demands. We have family members that we must provide or fellowship with. We have school that constantly eliminates our time with its homeworks, essays, and projects. Do we have time for vacations, the movies, or to just simply hang out? Is time playing a critical factor in this and fading faster than it used to? How can we accomplish deadlines without stress? How can we live a life of joy, freedom, and happiness?

I’ve asked myself these questions multiple times, realizing that I cannot overcome the demon of stress in my own natural abilities. When I gather at times in groups for class projects, I look at the faces of my classmates and it troubles me. It upsets me. It angers me how stress is visible throughout their face. Stress makes us vulnerable. It weakens us. It damages our attitude. Even our speech is disabled as a result of this. We sound hopeless and we look lifeless, faithless, and joyless. As much as we meet deadlines, write things down, or adjust time, we need the supernatural intervention of God in our lives. We can’t win this war on our own.

Why is it necessary to overcome this giant? If we don’t overcome it at an early age, we will always live under stress without any steps or paths on how to manage it. Stress makes us look older and makes us paler to the public eye. The more stressed we are, the weaker we become as humans, and we become less effective throughout our daily lives. I have seen many people that have died because they have allowed stress to accumulate to its fullness, giving birth to depression.  Depression in itself is the loss of hope and the absence of self-esteem for oneself. When someone is at the point of depression, they can consider murder, suicide, and other attempts to liberate themselves.

We must overcome! Jesus gave us the tools and showed us the example on how to do it! He said that his yoke is light. In other words, when we give him our burdens and cares, he gives us little things to carry. All we have to do worry about is seeking him and doing his will. When I’ve been under stress, I’ve taken myself to his presence to the point where I am lost completely in God. I force myself to dig in until I am fully aware that I am stress-free. There are times that this giant hits my life so hard that I realize that I can only lighten the load by entering into the gates of heaven. When I do, all stress leaves instantly, and he gives me new ideas and new strategies.

When we’re under stress, we don’t see the new ideas; all that we see are more burdens, worries, and fears. It paralyzes us, downgrades us, and debilitates us; this is why I hate it! We must arise, and overcome this demon of stress, in Jesus name!

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