The Books that Have Had the Most Impact in my Walk with God

If one wants to grow in God, they cannot do it alone. The Bible teaches us that faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God. Aside from the Bible, there are many accounts of credible witnesses that can prove to be powerful works, just like the gospels of Jesus. I have read many books throughout my years in God, and these are some of the books that have not only transformed my life, but have pushed me to know God at another dimension.

  1. Prayer by Guillermo Maldonado

There are very few books that have done an enormous impact to my life. When I started in God, I was young and unemployed, and I would borrow books from my friends to deepen my spiritual walk with God. When I got my hands on this book, my prayer life went to a new dimension. My favorite was a chapter that it gives you different strategies on how to pray for over an hour; I applied these principles and now I pray for over an hour. I seek God and I don’t get tired of praying anymore. Thanks to this book, I have the endurance that I need, and the revelation that I need about prayer.

  1. Supernatural Deliverance by Guillermo Maldonado

This was one of the most recent books that I have read. I love the topic of deliverance; it is one of my favorite messages to receive in. This year, many of the messages at the beginning of the year revolved around deliverance, and when I read this book, it only added more freedom to my life. My mind was renewed as I was being delivered reading it, and my life was changed. I learned so much about the topics of fear, loneliness, low self-esteem, and the damages that it does to an individual’s life. I made a vow to God to never fall into that again, and to live a life-style of self-deliverance.

  1. Prophetic Scriptures to be Revealed by Bill Hammon

This was one of the best historic books that I have read. I love to learn about anything, and one of the greatest topics that I learned in this book was the different types of movements that emerged throughout history. I learned about the Dark Age of Christianity, and the story of Luther, as well as the different moves that took place after that. Not only that, but it reveals the last scriptures that are yet to be fulfilled. It was incredible, and my spiritual perception went to another level.

  1. How to Hear the Voice of God by Guillermo Maldonado

This was the second book that I read in my Christian walk. I’ll never forget it because I was such a spiritual baby but I was hungry to grow and to learn more about God. I was grateful for this book because I always wanted to hear his voice and to have a strong and deep relationship with God. I learned about how God’s voice is like tuning your radio to the right frequency so you can hear the station that you want to hear. It helped me perfectly discern and adapt to hearing God’s voice, as well as obeying and surrendering to him.

  1. The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel

This by far has been one of the best books that I have read. Not only does it answer specific questions that only an atheist would ask, but it answers them in a scientific manner, with facts based on the most trusted historians and scholars around the world. No one can be an atheist after reading this book. The author himself was a skeptic that converted to Christianity after asking these questions to people all around the world. He could only come to the conclusion that Jesus was indeed real, and that the resurrection tale was not a hoax but that it was real.

  1. The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

There is a battlefield in our mind since the beginning of our lives from where we step foot onto this Earth. I love how Meyer uses simple knowledge, yet profound wisdom to help us understand the battle that we are facing. It gives us principles on how to win the battle, and how to take back the territory that the devil has tried to keep over our lives.

  1. Don’t Leave God Alone by Hank Kunneman

This was also one of my favorite books; it delivered and it showed the heart of God. I remember crying as I would take notes from this book. It ministered to me in a powerful way, and it brought the fear of God into me so that I can never stop having a prayer life. Not only that, but I enjoyed the last chapter where Kunneman spoke about how to make our prayer life more interesting. He gave ideas, such as creating a journal, or reading new books, so that our prayer life can enter into a new dimension.

  1.  Supernatural Transformation by Guillermo Maldonado

I remember this book because it came out during the year where our pastor was preaching about the heart. Apostle Renny McLean came to our church and brought a message that spoke to us about changing our hearts, and about removing offenses in our minds and souls. He spoke about this message for about four straight months, and every week it pierced me like a balloon. It cut through my heart as if surgery was being inflicted inside of me. This book went into more depth as it explained the different types of hearts that a human has. It spoke about the offended heart, which was one of the main conflicts that I dealt with. Praise God; I was set free from offenses and bitterness.

  1. How to Return to Our First Love by Guillermo Maldonado

I read this book during a time that I was frail and very weak. I was going through a crisis in my spiritual walk because of situations in my family, and this book gave me the encouragement that I needed. I realized that our spiritual walk is a battle, and the devil will always fight and battle to steal that first love. It taught me to fight and to always go back to that first love despite the odds and circumstances.

  1. Spiritual Maturity by Guillermo Maldonado

One of the shortest books that I have ever read; I read this book in a matter of hours. However, a lot of things ran into my mind as I was reading it. It allowed me to realize which level of spiritual maturity I was in, and it showed me what I can do to proceed to the next one. It taught me about wisdom, and it helped me realize that I had a lot of growing up to do.

  1. Leaders that Conquer by Guillermo Maldonado

After I read this book, I went to a new level in leadership, grace, and anointing. This was one of the books that ignited my calling for leadership, and I am grateful to have read it. It taught me to be a leader, and it helped me learn how to deal with difficult situations between disciples, people in church, or even family. I love this book because it uses our pastor’s experiences to help us become more effective leaders in our everyday lives. If it wasn’t for this book, I wouldn’t be the leader that I am today.

  1. The Greatest Revolutionary by Frank Hechavarria

This was indeed the very first book that I ever read in my walk with God. The first books are always the most memorable, for some reason. I don’t remember much in particular from this book, but the only thing that came out of that book is the reason why I chose to add it to this list. Pastor Frank incorporated principles on what made Jesus the greatest revolutionary, and he used it to challenge us to believe that Jesus called us to be revolutionaries, as well. Jesus called us to do greater things. He used the example of his writing and how he loves to write, whether it is poems or other types of works. He explained how different people that he pastors have different talents, such as music, arts, boxing, sports, etc. However, God has called us to impact those communities wherever we go.

What books have influenced your spiritual walk with God?

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