Which candidate will you trust?

Donald Trump, the unlikely presidential candidate, has ruined his image nationally as well as internationally. The issue that won him the Republican primary election was immigration. Unfortunately, his aggressive speeches on building a border around Mexico, the African-Americans, Hispanics, and even women have decreased his chances on winning the election. He set himself up for disaster by offending the majority of voters, and increased the likability for his opponent to be president.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has gained a lot of popularity among voters, although she is still highly despised among the majority. She is not highly esteemed either, but she is the preferred candidate. She speaks like a politician and the women love her. She vows to restore women’s rights, to defend families, and to be a voice for the American people.

However, the claims that have been spoken against her have been the most striking. Worst of all is the fact that she denied some of them, and were not even mentioned. She changed her views of being moderate or progressive and traditional marriage. She also supported several treaties in papers and speeches, and during later interviews, she has denied favoring those treaties that failed in their mission and goal (one of them was NAFTA).

Can we trust Hillary Clinton? What other secrets is she hiding? Her health? Her intentions? What is she trying to prove by running for president? The media has tried to hide the emails and her horrible image in the past. They are covering up to make sure that she wins the election, and they are forcing Trump out of the candidacy. Most of it, he did it all by himself, with the things that he said, and the actions that he has taken. In reality, the media has been the winner all along. Will the media win again in this election?


2 thoughts on “Which candidate will you trust?

  1. thank you for your wonderful ministry!!! i have gone from not voting at all to voting for donald trump… ONLY because his policies are more in line with Scripture… he is pro life and wants to save religious freedom… the supreme court judges is also a huge issue along with border security… i have been reading lots of posts and donald trump has many evangelicals speaking into his life so am believing the Lord will continue to change his heart…anne graham lotz calls him a modern day cyrus…:) i want what God wants and many many believe God has His hand on donald trump…:) we shall sooooooon find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the remnant have been praying and i believe the Lord is listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All For Jesus, trisha Always For His Glory Ministry


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