Smile- Poem

Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”

I wrote this poem in spite of all the things young people face throughout their early years. I wrote it a few months back when I was going through many personal situations and struggles, and it was difficult for me to have experiences with him while I prayed. As I continued asking him for peace and strength, little by little, my attitude started changing, and I began to smile regardless what was coming my way. I was discouraged and it was difficult for me to smile or to have a good image in front of friends, but God’s love poured itself over my life, and I was able to overcome that by smiling despite what I am facing. Smiling isn’t being ignorant and stubborn of what we’re going through… it simply means that despite the circumstance we’re facing, we choose to trust God. I hope you enjoy this poem! It came from the heart!

Through the attacks, I will not frown
Or all the giants that hold me down
And even if I lose with every round
I will never cease to smile

No one shall know the pain within me
They’re lovely secrets between me and my king
In private, I’ll fight for my victory
With every trial, the harder I’ll smile

The devil lost his territories
He’s not happy with the results
Discouragement won’t get a hold of me
I’ll only feel more love toward God

My smiles are a result of the pain I’ve gone through
And what I overcame through that pain
And although I don’t feel him in the room
My smiles are a projection of my faith

My smiles project life, because it’s what I carry
I carry peace, joy, love, and more
The one within me carries it all
The one inside of me takes care of all.

The devil never stops to prey
To destroy me was his desire
But I’m trapped inside a cycle of change
Through every fire, the bigger I’ll smile

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