Have we lost the passion for God?

Do you want to know if you’re losing passion for God? The fear of every believer is to lose passion for prayer and for God. Lately, God has been ministering to me about how important it is to have a prayer life, despite financial struggles, arguments with family members, or stress with school. If your battling with your business, or if things aren’t turning your way, you must still have a steadfast prayer life. I’ve seen it in young people throughout the years how the passion for God begins to deteriorate. Here are some ways that you would know if passion is decreasing in your life:

  • We don’t perceive distractions.
  • We lose sensitivity to God’s presence.
  • We don’t want to evangelize.
  • We become familiar with our leaders, our mentors, our pastors.
  • We sin without regret or repentance.
  • We stop praying every day.
  • We lose the desire to see lives being changed by God.
  • We lose vision, purpose, and the desire to progress and mature in our life.

If any of these pertains us, here are some practices that can help us regain passion for God!

  • We must repent immediately! Failure to do so will make us lack sensitivity to God, and passion, as well.
  • We must make a vow to seek God like never before. We must go back to our first love, and pursue him daily at all costs. If we don’t vow, we will quickly go back to our old way. We need a refreshing, just like when you haven’t drank water in a while, and you need a refilling.
  • Develop a lifestyle of fasting. Fasting enables us to seek God like never before! If the apostles after Jesus’ death and Jesus himself needed to fast, how much more do you and I need to fast??
  • Die to ourselves daily. Like the apostle Paul said, “I do what I don’t want to do, and I don’t do what I want to do.” Do the will of God above all things! Passion for God is always about surrendering our own will. When we want to do our own will, we are pleasing our flesh and the devil. To do the will of God we must crucify ourselves and deny what we want.
  • Go the extra mile when things have to do about the kingdom of God. Evangelize and preach the gospel wherever we go. Affirm people and pray for them when they need us to be there for them. If we aren’t going the extra mile, that is a sign that we have conformed and have lost the desire to wish for greater things in God. Ultimately, we’ve lost the passion if we have conformed.
  • Write down our goals every year. Challenge ourselves to go the extra mile and to see ourselves greater than the previous year. When we feel like we are not progressing in life, we tend to get discouraged, and it can get easy for us to lose passion for God.
  • Honor our mentors, our leaders, and everyone that prays for us and believes in us. Honor is a culture in our church. We honor people with money, our time, our prayers, our gifts, and many more things. They are many ways that show others that we esteem them. When we lose that sense of honor, we lose appreciation and value to specific moments in where God has taken us out of. A person that honors is a person that always remembers what people have done.

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