FBI reopened Hillary Clinton’s email case. What do you think?

This by far can be one of the greatest guillotines to Clinton’s 2016 campaign. If the FBI reopened the case for Clinton, there has to be a reason involved. There was perhaps something that was done to encourage this decision. Last week, I witnessed the documentary “Hillary’s America,” and I learned incredible truths about the Democratic Party as well as Clinton. I researched the information that I received to determine if it was accurate, and I can almost infer that many of that information was completely true. I recommend watching that film before going out to vote! It might change your decision, your perception, and what you believe about each candidate. I also recommend having an open heart, because in today’s society we tend to be more stubborn and focused on our own ideals and thoughts. We can’t change America if we think we know all that we can about a candidate. We must be humble and investigate so that we can make the right decision.

What do you think?

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