Love Your Enemies- Luke 6:27

“But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you” 
Luke 6:27
Jesus told us that we have to love our enemies no matter what! The problem with many believers is that we become religious to the point where we hate everyone that isn’t Christian, or we choose not to associate with them. When we do this, we lose the opportunity to preach the gospel to those people and show them the true love of Christ. We can be the instrument and the person that God puts in their way to lead them to Christ. Instead, we become like Pharisees and we show to them the religious aspect of Jesus, but without the supernatural love that he carried. “If they’re not Christian, we cannot be their friend or even talk to them.” That is absurd.
The Bible says  to love everyone and anyone, regardless of their race, background, religion, or gender. If we can show love to the world, we can really be the difference that Jesus wanted us to become. There isn’t a true gift in loving those that love us. The true power is in loving those that hate us or talk bad about us; only by doing that can we really be the change that this world wants to see.

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