It is the moment of truth, and the publicity of the corruption of Trump versus the secrecy of the corruption of Clinton.

There is no major difference in both political candidates according to Perry Stone. The only difference is that one of them isn’t wise about bringing his personality in public, and that’s why he gets reported. The other candidate keeps her personality a secret, and only the people around her know that she uses profanity, lies, deceit, and many other things. Many of her flaws haven’t been reported, while practically every offensive tactic that may be used against Trump has been reported, damaging his credibility as a candidate.

Why is the media in favor of Clinton?

It isn’t a secret that 99 percent of the articles have been pro-Clinton and anti-Trump. In my opinion, voting for Trump is to actually vote for someone that is anti-politics, and against the original establishment of the government. In other words, like Trump said, “it’s rigged.”

Clinton, unfortunately, and the reality of it is that she’s a puppet. She is the mascot of the government to be able to enforce their supremacy, power and dominion. In other to keep themselves ruling over the American people and keeping their secrecy, they must elect a candidate that will be in favor of the government. This is why Trump poses a threat to the government. Voting for him is dangerous for the government given that they may be exposed, and their can be a change of powers.

Sadly, Trump made this campaign way too easy for Clinton. All that she had to do is keep herself quiet and let him talk and waste his speeches. The more he spoke, the worse he made it for himself. This doesn’t make Clinton any more great or tremendous of a choice. She is just as corrupt, perhaps worse, as Trump. The FBI dismissed her email case again; people have served years in prison by being charged in that same crime. Why was she let out the hook so easily? It’s probably rigged; that’s why.

I’m not a politics expert, this article is basically meant for opinions. I have read dozens of articles and seen documentaries, and this is what it appears as to me.

What is the bottom line?

We have to pray that the will of God is done over this election. We must pray that America will become great again, regardless of the candidate that arises to power. We have to pray that the principles of the word of God aren’t compromised despite how cute or promising a candidate might appear to be. We need to be educated and look at the facts, and not be offended by what they say in public. I hope you all agree! God bless you! Let’s pray for this wonderful nation, that we will see the prayer and the kingdom of God again in all of our schools, jobs, and streets!


2 thoughts on “It is the moment of truth, and the publicity of the corruption of Trump versus the secrecy of the corruption of Clinton.

  1. integrity counts no matter what…BUT h clinton and her husband were IN THE WHITE HOUSE while doing their corruption.. which relates TO DONE… donald trump was not in the white house and his corruption comes from his tongue…words SAID!!!!!!! he has changed quite a lot in these last 18 months…i believe the Lord has His hand on him and he will be our next president… the Lord can work better with his heart than hillary’s… and many many evangelicals are speaking and praying over his life which is a good thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! donald trump’s policies are more in line with Scripture than hers…FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the PRO LIFE ISSUE is enough for me to vote for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may the Lord continue to change his heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Staying in Awe of Him, trisha


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