Donald Trump wins election, and America refuses to accept it.

Last Wednesday, I was in one of my journalism classes and we were discussing the results of the election. I was surprised that there were a lot of people that voted against Trump, and that were upset about the outcome of the election. There was a girl that spoke out and said that Trump supporters were only rednecks, white-males, and other Americans that have been reserved from all society. This was a very stereotypical comment for her to say, and the professor called her a “snob” for thinking that. I can almost guarantee the fact that she hadn’t watched any of his campaigns and that she doesn’t know what he stands for. The argument was heavy and angry for those in favor of Hillary, but the fact is that Trump won, and there’s nothing that can change that anymore.

America needs an awakening.

This election was mostly divided in the sense that a little more than half of the country supported Hillary, and less than half supported Trump. Many people are scared about Trump, but the problem isn’t Trump. As a matter of fact, politicians say a lot of promises all of the time, and less than half of those things come to past. Why worry about what he said about blacks, or women, or immigrants?

Americans are missing the point.

This election became a competition that was harsh, vocal, and offensive. If you bash Trump because of what he says about other people, does that make you any better than him? Why are Clinton supporters “sore-losers,” and resenting their loss? We have been spoiled for far too long. If Clinton would’ve won, which I thought she was going to win, I would’ve shrugged it like I did with Obama in 2012, and prayed for her. The Bible teaches us to pray for our leaders, not to dismantle them with harsh words and criticisms.

Politicians give false promises, and America sees them as a savior that will accomplish them.

America has been spoiled. Hillary promised the world, and honestly, she only represented an establishment, and an extension of the Obama administration. We have to stop believing what politicians say and stand by what they believe in. In other words, we have to see their principles, and their stance according to the word of God.

When things don’t go our way, we riot.

This is the way that America was heading under the Obama administration. Sadly, if Hillary would’ve won, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump supporters would have protested, as well. As a matter of fact, he called the system “rigged” at one point. But this is one of the main problems; we don’t want to “renew our mind.” We are used to hearing what we want to hear, and when we hear something different we shift our heads the other way.

We are willing to fight for what we believe in, but now, we do it with violence.

America wasn’t founded on people fighting against one another. Although we have different opinions, our love for this nation is what brings us together. Although this debate was harsh, I was glad of how Obama and Clinton accepted this result in a professional and wise manner. I think that that is the perfect representation and attitude America needs to have toward the election, or toward anything that happens and we expect a different outcome. As a matter of fact, Trump’s decision to speak highly of Clinton and Obama also shook me, and I was happy to see him act like that. America needs to be humbled, and that is why this change is coming up.

People are scared because of Trump. In reality, this is exactly what America needs to go back to the presence of God.

When I was in my class, a lot of people voiced out their fear of Trump being president. Honestly, I believe Trump is changing, and he has a good sphere of influence around him. Mike Pence, his vice-president is a born-again Christian, as well as Carson and Christie, two of his closest staff-members. I think that instead of whining and crying about the results, America must come together as one and give our president-elect a chance. When my classmates voiced their opinion, spiritually, I felt like the devil was afraid, as well. I felt like the devil was voicing himself out, because America is slowing coming back to the way it used to be, “one nation under God.” No more abortion, no more tolerance to sin, and now God can enter and we can see the glory of God manifest in a supernatural way. All of this brings fear to the devil; he wanted to stay in power in this election. But I feel like Trump coming to power is what people in favor of Hillary need to run back to God.

Our trust isn’t on a man, but it is in Jesus Christ.

I disagree with Trump in some stances, one of the major ones being immigration. However, his stances are closest to the word than Hillary’s. I recognize that my hope isn’t brought upon a man, but it is set on Jesus. Whether or not he would’ve won, I would’ve done the same thing, which is to pray for the leaders. We must come together as one and pray that God’s perfect will is established over America. We must pray that this will be the beginning of something great, and that Trump will continue to change throughout the years to become one of the best presidents in the history of this nation. We have to hope and believe that, and support him as well. This is what true Americans should do.

God bless you!

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