These 5 memorable messages have impacted me.

This year of 2016 is on the verge of coming to a close. As I look back throughout the year, there have been so many encounters and so many memories that have marked me. As our pastor once said, in order for us to move forward, we need to have daily encounters in our life. They are a necessity and a must for every Christian and believer. They are the engine that keeps us moving forward. Without encounters, it is easy for us to begin to backslide, and to compromise our principles with God. Each of these messages have marked something special in my life, and they have challenged me to keep pursuing God, and I hope that they do the same for you!

This message was spoken of in a wide topic in our annual youth conference, known as CGC (Chosen Generation Conference). Our pastor preached on the 14 types of entry points for demons to enter, from fear and sexual immorality to rebellion and evil thoughts. It was a message that was preached about several times in our discipleships, houses of peace, and every time it was mentioned, my heart would peel in different layers. At this conference, God completely delivered me and closed every point that I have entered for the enemy. I closed every door, and I had a powerful encounter with God.

Apostle Renny is one of the greatest preachers I’ve ever heard of. Not just because he’s our pastor’s best friend, but because he preaches in a deep way that leaves you awed and captivated. He explained the person of the Holy Spirit in such a powerful, deep, accurate, and biblical way. It helped me understand more about him, his attributes, and his importance in my life.

This was a message that was taught a few months later, and it went hand-in-hand with losing our first love. I went to that retreat with an open heart and mind, and the message completely shattered me and broke me down. I realized that even though I have been serving God faithfully, there have been areas that have led me to lose my first love. I was completely changed, and my heart and love for God went to another level.

I remember this was the last message of our most awaited annual conference, CAP. The message spoke about the different types of people that had encounters with God in the Bible, and why they needed an encounter. He spoke about how every encounter leads us to specific places in our life, and to get to a new level, we need more encounters. The message went to a point where everyone in the arena closed their eyes, and encounters shifted from left to right. People can be heard crying all over the arena, and God manifested and showed himself in a supernatural way.

I’ll never forget this message; by far, it was the most memorable of the year, and one of the ones that I’ll keep mentioning in the later years. During the service, he put a video of his trip to Norway to preach, and the beautiful encounter and presence that was felt by the people that attended. He said that the majority of the people there felt like they didn’t need God, so it was difficult for him to push for them to feel God. But as he kept on pulling, you can hear cries all over the arena and in the video. When the video was finished, the New Wine band played the song that they sung spontaneously during the event, “I Need an Encounter.” It has been the anthem of our church for this entire year, because we desperately need an encounter everyday with him. As the song played after the video, it was a continuation of the song, and there was no message. The Holy Spirit showed up in a powerful way, and people were having various encounters with God. There was no need for a message, because the Holy Spirit was speaking to his people. The song ministered deliverance, healings, and powerful visions.

I hope and I pray you’re drawn to watch these messages! They will bless your life!

God bless you!

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