These are my 12 favorite United Pursuit Songs

My closest friends know that I love United Pursuit. From the beginning of my walk with God, their songs have impacted me in a powerful way. The majority of my church listens to Bethel Music, Jesus Culture and Hillsong, and I don’t have anything wrong with those bands. Those are some of my favorite; I love their worship, and I’ve had great encounters with some of their songs. But from the moment that I first listen to their songs, I was drawn to their worship.

As I continued to look into them, I discovered that they have live worship gatherings in a house every Tuesday night. They open it to friends and to the public; anyone that wants to join and worship. As a matter of fact, many of their live recorded songs come from those spontaneous moments, and the songs that come up are powerful. I think that with every album that they release, they continue to improve, and I am grateful for their songs because they’ve taken me to deep levels into the presence of God.

The list here started with about 30 songs, and I had to narrow it down to these specific 12 songs from them. You can find them on Youtube, or any song application, and you will understand what I’m talking about. If you are passionate about worship and seeking the face of Jesus, these songs are for you. I pray that you are empowered, and that the Holy Spirit shows up in a powerful and mighty way in your life!

  • Take Emptiness Away
  • Restore my Soul
  • Fill me Up
  • Set a Fire
  • Never Going Back
  • Our Father
  • Running in Circles
  • Story of Grace
  • Rejoice in You
  • Running into Freedom
  • Nothing I Hold Onto
  • In the Quiet

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