December 2016 Word: God isn’t finished with you, yet.

We have reached the end of the year, and a lot of questions come to mind. Are you at the level that you expected to be? Did you accomplish all of the goals that you wanted to fulfill in 2016? What mistakes did you do in this year? Did you do enough? All of these questions come to haunt us. The devil makes us feel like we didn’t do enough; he forces us to believe that we had to push, pull, and rock the boat harder this year to get to new places and territories.

“It takes one moment and one second to turn your life around from nothing into something.”

When December started, although a lot of people thought to themselves that 2016 is coming to an end, I felt God speaking to me saying, “I’m not finished, yet.” We have one month to turn around this entire year! It takes one moment and one second to turn your life around from nothing into something. It takes planning, commitment, dedication, and vision to be able to change it! There is so much that God wants us to do, and we can’t settle back! This is the time to be perceiving the spiritual realm and what God is doing in the midst.

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” –Philippians 1:6 ESV

The year may be coming to a close, but your life isn’t over. The closing of the year is only another opportunity to make necessary adjustments in every area of our lives. When I look at December, I get excited, because it generates a passion to accelerate breakthroughs into my life. Some of us unfortunately fall asleep and decide to hang out for the holidays, or go buy presents, or do other things that spend valuable time. While none of those things are bad (I do them, myself), we must be constantly be prophesying and speaking into the realm of heaven. We must capitalize upon this opportunity and bring the future into the now!

In a meeting at my church this week, I made a vow to God to win souls like never before. I vowed to God to win a total of 100 souls this month between me, my disciples, my house of peace, and the evangelism team that I lead. I feel like this is the season where we need to be more keen and aware of what is happening. Did you hear about the death of Fidel Castro? This is a huge shift to Cuba! Did you hear about the plane crash at Colombia? It was a huge tragedy! These truths push me to go after and seek the lost. The news continue to become a massive target, so we must be always on the cutting edge of what God is doing. I want to make sure that I end this year on fire for God!

Moreover, I challenge you to do the same! What have you been expecting for God to do in your life? Has he answered your prayer for a job? Has he answered your prayer to give you a creative business idea? Don’t give up yet! Don’t wait for next year to start working! December is your new January! Pick up your cross, and start working hard so that God can operate in your life! What miracle are you believing for? Enter into his gates, and receive his blessings!

God bless you! I challenge you to believe with me, that God isn’t finished with us yet! There is more!!!

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