Five people were killed in the tragedy at Fort Lauderdale Airport.

People located at Fort Lauderdale experienced tragedy with their own eyes yesterday. According to news, a man by the name of Esteban Santiago, waited for his luggage after landing at Fort Lauderdale Airport. As soon as he received his case, he pulled out a gun from the case and started firing at people in their airport. During this event, five people were killed and eight were injured. This shootout reminds me of what happened to Orlando a few months back, and it grieves my heart that this is happening at a moreĀ rapid pace. Not only are we hearing of tragedies happening in other countries, as well as disasters beyond our control like earthquakes, but there are people that are out there trying to kill others.

When I hear about these things, and many of you as well, it might bring or spring up fear inside you. Sometimes we might think that we’re not safe anymore. A lot of people think that anywhere, at anytime, at any moment, someone can easily pull out a trigger and end our lives in a heart beat. We are seeing this at a more rapid pace; growing up I wasn’t used to seeing such killings take place. The worst that I witnessed in my childhood was the bombing of the twin towers in World Trade Center. After that, I don’t remember of any more tragic events that occurred while I was young.

However, things have changed a lot, and there is only one explanation that I can think of according to the Bible. There was a killing in a church not too long ago! It makes people ask themselves if we really are safe in the house of God, as well. There was a shoot out in a theater, a few years back. It makes you wonder if you should really go to the movies, because someone can carry a weapon. Even evangelism can be terrifying and scary, because you never know when someone can carry a weapon and use it as a form of rage and vengeance toward God. There was also the killings and murders we hear about in schools, in homes, and even in neighborhoods and night clubs. Is this world safe? In spite of all of these tragedies, and what the world may be facing, yes, we are safe in God’s hands!

There is speculation about what is happening, and sometimes a person that is raised in God wants to know what God is doing in the mist of all this. But these are signs of the times that we are living in. We are seeing a tremendous move of God in all the Earth, and when we see these things sometimes we forget that the devil is at work, as well. Just like the verse in Peter, that the devil is like a lion, waiting on whom to devour. As the spirit of God intensifies, so will the spirit of this world, age, and the devil, itself. The demonic forces will intensify because it knows that its time is running out!

We must pray for Florida! These are two tragedies that occurred in span of six months in the Sunshine State! We must intercede and pray so that our nation doesn’t witness another event like this again!

“Father, I cover the citizens of the state of Florida. I declare your power and your protection runs over their lives! On behalf of them, I ask you to forgive them of their sins and if they have turned away from you! I ask you to move in their lives in a mighty way! Send your angels to give them visions like you did with John… visions of their purpose and their bright futures! Encourage them, and awaken them to have experiences with you, so that they can see that there isn’t anything better than being in your presence! I cover our families, our jobs, our churches, and our neighborhoods with the blood of the Lamb! I declare that your blood covers America, and this entire world in 2017! This will not obstruct our vision! We believe that you will do better things this year! Beyond our understanding and beyond what we believe in! In Jesus name, I pray, amen!”

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