Trump vows to have Mexico pay for the wall.

Although Mexican President Peña Nieto has consistently rejected the idea of paying the United States to fund building the wall that Trump has promised, the president-elect continues to declare and promise Americans that Mexico will pay for it eventually. His speeches against Mexicans and different types of races have offended the Mexican government. As a matter of fact, ex-Mexican president Vicente Fox stated that Mexico refuses to fund Trump’s “racist monument.” According to many officials, it will be disrespectful and a downgrade to the citizens of Mexico to support the building a wall and the promise of a man that spoke harsh words about them. Trump stated that he will negotiate with Mexico and have them pay the money later, and many of his staff members are confident that he will succeed in making sure they pay that money to fund the wall.

The problem with the wall has sparked a lot of controversial thoughts and opinions from Americans. A sheriff is supporting the building of wall and has proposed to Trump allowing inmates to help establish it. Critics said that it is a “modern-day” version of slavery, and they will do everything in their power to ensure that doesn’t happen. In other words, they believe it is unethical. The president-elect has asked Congress recently to build a wall. His administration awaits the answer from Congress, and will move forward based on what is decided in terms of costs.

However, Trump hasn’t denied that U.S. taxpayers will help fund the wall during its initial stages. This can prove to be a hurtful idea to his campaign, first, given that he has promised the American people that Mexico will pay for the wall. This was the key and fundamental promise that brought people to support Trump. Second, the Trump is highly “unfavored” among the American people; he lost in the popular vote to Clinton, and increasing the taxes of hard-working Americans can hurt him in the long run and decreased his chances of having a second-term in office.

There is a lot of uncertainty, and it could’ve gone both ways regardless of who won the election. Even if Clinton would’ve won, there was a lot of uncertainty of her decisions as president of the United States. It was a campaign that was untraditional, where harsh words were spoken about both candidates, and it appeared to be that of a reality television show. The presidential debates consisted more of criticizing the other candidate rather than a real talk about the issues that are facing America. It was more about ambition than about having a genuine heart that will change this nation. It could’ve gone both ways, but the past is the past, and our responsibility and duty is never to complain, because complaining will never produce a testimony. We must believe in what the Lord has promised us, that 2017 will be one of the best years of our life, and that regardless of who takes office, God will fulfill all of his promises for our lives!

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