A revival is coming to America: A brief summary of historical revivals

Last week, I was teaching about how we need a revival in our nation. As a matter of fact, our church King Jesus Ministries has been teaching and perceiving a revival about to erupt in this year. Prophet Glenda Jackson came to one of our gatherings known as “Prophetic Night” in order to give a powerful prophecy regarding revival that is coming. We’ve heard of many revivals in the past, but if we see what is happening around the world, there shouldn’t be any doubt that something new is about to enter into the church.

Here are some past revivals that come to mind when we think about Christianity:

  • Azusa Street

Perhaps one of the greatest revivals that was talked about, this movement started in 1906 that founded the Pentecostal denomination. It started when William Seymour received the revelation of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and began to preach it wherever he went. The crowds continue to multiply and increase, and it got to the point where they had to move their location. People would experience miraculous and incredible healings, signs, and wonders. There was no choir, no music, and the Holy Spirit was pretty much the leader during these meetings.

  • The Toronto Revival

This Toronto Revival began at the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church in 1994. The founder was Randy Clark, and it was remembered by the occurrence of supernatural activity during the event. Several hundreds of visitors saw gold or silver during the meetings, and there were a lot of different manifestations of the Holy Spirits. People were being healed and delivered, set free, and had various encounters with God.

  • First, Second, Third Great Awakening, and Protestantism

These awakenings were recognized and recorded throughout history. These were the founding revivals that had to occur to take us to where we are at now. If it wasn’t for the Protestant Reformation, all of us would’ve still be indoctrinized by the Catholic church. We’re at where we are at now spiritually because of the revelation received by Martin Luther. This led to other reformations, known as the Evangelicals, Baptists, Methodist, Pentecostals, etc.

  • Jesus’ Apostles at Pentecost

This was the initial revival. It couldn’t have spread to the whole world if it wasn’t for the 12 apostles that Jesus trained first-hand. They were responsible to transcend this movement to the ends of the Earth, and didn’t disappoint. They manifested greater miracles than Jesus did, to prove what Jesus said, that greater things than Jesus did, the apostles would do. They were filled the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and began to preach wherever they went. The power of God continued to restore thousands upon thousands on a daily basis.

I know that these aren’t the only revivals that exist in church history, but these are the ones I know a bit about. As I get more knowledge and historical background on the others, I will perhaps right another article about them. We have many other revivals, such as the Bay Revival, the Brownsville Revival, and Welsh Revival.

But as we’ve been talking about, the Lord has been waking me up consistently and reminding me about revival. He has been fixing my heart, and has been preparing me for what is coming. How great it would’ve been to be alive during one of those revivals! I wish I could’ve experienced Azusa Street, the Welsh Revival, or even be present during the Pentecost gathering. However, I’m more excited to know that a greater revival is coming to America! They had great visitations and encounters, but we are about to experience even greater encounters and revivals! If the generals of Christianity had these visitations, I’m believing that as the generations continue to progress and go into deep levels of the Holy Spirit, we will see Jesus more and more and more.

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