Trump plans to keep his promise to repeal Obamacare around next year.

In an interview, Mike Pence said that Obamacare was a failure. Pence said that this reform for health care was initiated as selfishly by the president to maintain his legacy. One of the major campaign promises of Trump was to end Obamacare and provide a better plan for health insurance to Americans. He said that he will put an end to many of Obama’s policies from the first day of office and replace it with a better plan. The problem is that we don’t know what that plan is. America has no idea what that plan is.

Some Republicans were disappointed after Trump’s conversation with Obama. The president-elect determined that he would not repeal Obamacare, given that it might prove to be a good thing for America. Instead, he would improve it. When Obama presented Trump with the issue and the problem with repealing it, Trump said that it might be costly or difficult to repeal something considering that many Americans are already insured by it. Turning over a policy and replacing it when it is fairly new might be something challenging to do at this moment. Regardless, Trump later stated that he will keep another of his campaign promises, which is to repeal Obamacare, and replace it with a “better plan.”

The decision has outraged the democrats. One of the members of the Democratic Party said in an interview that the entire party is united to stand up against repealing Obamacare. President Obama himself has said that he wants to know what the plan is. He said that if the plan proves to be significantly better than Obamacare, then he will stand up and agree to repeal his signature health law. Otherwise, he refused to support repealing it. The Trump administration along with the Republicans continue to push their agenda by repealing other policies, such as defunding planned parenthood and cutting programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Democrats have publicly spoken their concerns of removing those laws, and have advised the American people of what is to come when Trump takes the policy in regards to healthcare. In an interview with CNN, he stated that it is a very difficult and long process, and it might take place sometime around 2018.


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