How to remove fear and enter into the boldness of God

Last night, I got to share at my house of peace one of the most powerful and striking messages that lit a fire in me. I was teaching them on how to remove fear from our life and entering a life of power and faith. This is very important because a lot of Christians are living life as if they’ve been defeated. In addition, some are afraid and are hiding behind walls because they fear persecution if they stand up for God. That isn’t the life that God wants us to live. I want to share a little bit of what I taught yesterday, so it can also light a fire in your life!

What is supernatural boldness?
It is to be courageous, daring, brave, or having valor. It is the opposite of being afraid. It is to take risks and to act with confidence. It is the attitude that we receive out of having a relationship with God. It is to be audacious and daring.

“The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.” Proverbs 28:1

What are the characteristics of being bold?
When we receive Jesus into our life as Lord and Savior, we have entered into what is called the “righteousness of God.” The Bible says that the righteous will live by faith. This doesn’t mean that we are by any means perfect! This simply means that now we are redeemed and we are saved because Jesus Christ is Lord over our lives. Because we have this relationship with God, we can walk and enter into boldness.

What is the difference between boldness and fear?

A person that is bold knows his identity in Christ. A fearful person lacks confidence because the giants that they face are bigger than the God that we serve. A fearful person will miss out opportunities because they only see negative things out of every circumstance. When faced with persecution, they run away.

What will we do when cancer knocks at our door? What will we do when the enemy attacks us with problems in our health? What will we do when we the enemy opposes us from graduating? What will we do when we reach adulthood, and when more responsibilities come at our way? What will happen when the enemy sends a bad report, or a crisis to our home?

Why do we need boldness?
The enemy will use doubt to prevent us from walking in boldness. Doubt and paradigms are the guillotine to our faith. The devil has used fear to block thousands of Christians from walking in boldness. Some Muslims are more bold than we are! If Muslims and terrorists are bold enough to be willing to die to defend their honor and religion, how much more should us Christians, that we live the truth?

How can we live or exercise a life of boldness?

We must feed our faith. Our faith feeds on impossibilities. The more faith that we have, the more we are humble enough to realize that it isn’t us that is great, but only God. Our attitude on a daily basis is a reflection of our faith. The more faith you have in God, the less faith you have in your natural abilities. A lot of us are still trapped inside a cave, waiting on opportunities to come that we can reason that will be great. My prayer is that you get out of that cave! We have a daily battle to get out of the cave, and to step out in boldness like a lion!

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