The press wants to impeach Trump. They don’t want him to continue to be president.

Over the past few weeks since his inauguration, Trump has been under attack from several sources of media and press. There have been nothing but negative conspiracies being talked about him; some of them aren’t considered to be true, yet. First of all, the media still believes that the Russians hacked into the election, and are trying to expose Trump to prove that he has a good relationship with Putin. Sadly, this is only a conspiracy. There is also uncertainty about the golden showers of Donald Trump in Russia. There are several other rumors about him that have not proven to be factual, either. He has been the target of many memes, slogans, banners, protests, and haters around the nation. When I look at America’s response to their president, I see people that have no respect for their president.

The media doesn’t respect authority. This is why our nation is in the condition that it is now. We have used our freedom of the press to say anything we want; our defense for that is so that the president can keep and maintain his or her integrity. One of the big problems with this, in my opinion, is that we build a democracy that thinks that we are right about everything and that we can do what we want. There are so many protests that want to eliminate the electoral college; when I see this, I see an America that is completely ignorant toward what makes America great. We cannot ban the electoral college; it’s always been like that, and it’s been part of our constitution for checks and balances (to put the same value and balance in each state). I see many people that want to impeach Donald Trump; little do they know, that impeaching him doesn’t necessarily mean that he is revoked from office. For example, Bill Clinton was impeached, but his presidency continued.

Is Donald Trump the perfect candidate? Of course not; there are so many things that I disagree with him. I think it was very sad for a president to come up and state information about his election that wasn’t true. For instance, when he said in the press conference that they had the largest amount of electoral votes since Ronald Reagan wasn’t true. But I think that we need to pray for him instead. The media is filled with bad blows to him; we must pray that God will continue to do his work in him and through him. Our trust isn’t on a candidate, but rather, it should be in God. Regardless of who would’ve won, I would’ve prayed and respected the turnout. That is the attitude that America needs to have. It is the same way you would treat your parent! Our parents are authorities. They can be the worst person of life, but that parent gave birth to us, and they deserve respect. When we respect Donald Trump, we respect our country, our constitution, and the decision of the electoral college.

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