Wreckage- Poem

The LORD is near to the brokenhearted And saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

Wreck me, Lord
Like a cabin in the middle of the storm
Like the waves that steer to shore
Like plate tectonics in Earth’s core

The angels, in the operating room
Await the doctor to perform the surgery
My heart is aching in so much pain
Every organ in my body is hurting

I’m nervous;
The surgical equipment is haunting me
Will I come alive after this surgery?
How long will I survive in recovery?

It’s unbearable
The suffering that I had to go through
The persecution and all of the lies
Endless criticisms, eternal fights
My heart continues bleeding
My body is losing feeling
All of my parts are beginning to numb
Come and wreck me more, God

Why do they reject my presence?
Why do they drown my name in judgment?
My reputation, worse than before
Still, come and wreck me more

Shatter my walls with your boulders
Let me rise to walk on your shoulders
Wreck me to fix me yet again
Restore my wounds and scars again

Drown me in your oceans
And send my soul to heaven
Bring the worst so that I can be made perfect
The same way your son made it to heaven

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